PEGA Pool Launches Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Pool: Offset Carbon Footprint Now!

• PEGA Pool has announced the official launch of its eco-friendly Bitcoin mining pool.
• The company provides clients with a more consistent and attractive income than mining alone, while also offsetting their carbon footprint.
• PEGA Pool aims to create a more sustainable industry by using only renewable energy for its mining operations.

PEGA Pool Announces the Official Launch of Its Eco-friendly Bitcoin Mining Pool

PEGA Pool, a UK-based Bitcoin mining pool provider, has announced the official launch of its eco-friendly platform that enables clients to offset their carbon footprint and incentivizes them to use renewable energy. By allowing clients to connect their ASIC miners to its platform and mine together, it provides them with a more consistent and attractive income than mining alone.

Benefits of Using PEGA Pool

The world’s top 10 largest Bitcoin mining pools according to, PEGA Pool offers an array of advantages over solo mining:

  • It provides users with more reliable returns from their investments.
  • Clients can enjoy higher profits due to economies of scale.
  • The platform utilizes only renewable energy for its operations, reducing their environmental impact.

Aim of Creating a Sustainable Industry

With the growing adoption of cryptocurrency, the Proof-of-Work (PoW) model has come under fire from individuals, corporations, and governments over its environmental impacts. To combat this issue and make crypto mining more sustainable in the long run, Pega Pool is working towards creating an industry that uses clean energy sources such as solar or wind power for powering miners instead of relying on fossil fuels like coal or natural gas.

CEO David Bungay Comments on Launch

David Bungay, CEO of Pega Pool commented on the launch saying “I am very excited to announce the official launch of PEGA Pool – our British Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Pool! Our journey began with PEGAMining which gave us the desire to build PEGAPool and provide the world with an environmentally friendly option when it comes to crypto mining operations.“


By launching this eco-friendly Bitcoin mining pool, PegaPool is taking steps towards creating a cleaner and greener industry while also providing users with improved returns on their investments through efficient scaling solutions.