EtherMail and Blockchain Founders Group Unlock Web3 Comms for Startups

• EtherMail and Blockchain Founders Group announces strategic partnership to enable Web3 Comms for portfolio projects.
• Eligible startups can receive up to $20,000 in rewards for creating an EtherMail account and bringing new users.
• EtherMail has experienced rapid growth in terms of user onboarding and established partnerships with popular NFT projects.

EtherMail & Blockchain Founders Group Partnership

EtherMail, the first Web3 Email Solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication, has today announced a strategic partnership with Blockchain Founders Group, a venture capital fund that focuses on early-stage Web3 startups. Through the Blockchain Founders Group’s „Web3 Email for Startups“ program, eligible portfolio startups will be in with a chance of receiving up to $20,000 in rewards – spread between EMC tokens, ad credits and cash prizes – by creating an EtherMail account and bringing new users to EtherMail.

Program Details

After signing up, projects can auto-create a list of all current token holders through data automatically gleaned from the blockchain. With these up-to-date lists of asset holders, projects can set up email campaigns and execute tailored communications to community members and the wider base of EtherMail users. Startups that have raised less than $5 million in total funding and have been incorporated less than five years ago are eligible to apply for the program here.

Recent Growth & Partnerships

Since closing a $3 million seed round in August 2022, EtherMail has experienced rapid growth in terms of user onboarding, and established partnerships with popular NFT projects such as Probably Nothing, Toxic Skulls Club, inBetweeners and Prime Planet. EtherMail’s Web3 email solution is designed to empower developers by providing them with the tools they need whilst also protecting their privacy at all times.

Applications Process

Startups looking to take advantage of this program can apply here on an ongoing basis until May 2022 when applications close permanently. Upon successful completion of their application form they will be contacted within two weeks with further details regarding their eligibility status within the program after which they will receive their confirmation letter containing instructions on how to set up their account alongside details about redeeming any rewards won or bonuses available throughout 2021/2022 period from both partners involved within this project initiative.


This new initiative from both companies aims to help support early stage startups who are looking for ways to communicate more efficiently with potential customers or clients using web 3 technology whilst providing additional benefits such as token incentives or bonus rewards as part of their signup process into using ethermail’s services moving forwards into 2021/22 period .