90% of ETH Supply Now in Self Custody: Time to Diversify?

• According to Santiment’s data, just 10.31% of Ethereum’s supply is held on exchanges.
• The last time the figure was so high was in 2015, shortly after the protocol’s native token saw the light of day.
• It seems that some investors are rushing to move their possessions from Binance to cold wallets after the US CFTC threatened to sue the exchange for allegedly violating trading regulations.

For The First Time Since 2015: Nearly 90% Of The ETH Supply Now In Self Custody

Crypto analytics provider – Santiment – has revealed that nearly 90% of Ethereum’s supply is currently stored in self-custody addresses. This ratio hasn’t been seen since shortly after ETH’s native token was released in 2015.

Recent Developments

The new data comes as investors are losing faith in centralized exchanges and withdrawing their holdings en masse from them. Ever since September 2020, consumers have been flocking away from these platforms and this process intensified even more during November’s FTX meltdown.

CFTC Clash With Binance

Recently, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) threatened to sue Binance for allegedly violating trading regulations. This sent shockwaves across the crypto space and prompted investors to withdraw their funds from the platform.

Million Dollar Outflows From Binance

Data collected by Nansen showed that $400 million were withdrawn from Binance in a 24 hour period following this news. Thanefield Capital also indicated that $850 million had left the platform prior to this announcement.

< h2 >Conclusion < p > It appears that many investors have lost faith in centralized exchanges and are moving their assets over to cold wallets for safekeeping purposes. This exodus has resulted in nearly 90% of Ethereum being stored in self-custody addresses – a ratio not seen since 2015.

ETH Breaks $2K: US Investors Step Up, But Is There an Obstacle?

• Ethereum’s price is showing a very bullish signal right now, with a couple of key resistance levels getting broken to the upside.
• The cryptocurrency has been struggling with the higher boundary of the symmetrical triangle and the $1800 level over the last few days, with the latter yet to be broken to the upside.
• If the breakout is valid, things could look much better for the crypto market in the coming months.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum’s price is currently exhibiting a very bullish signal, as several key resistance levels have been broken to the upside. This could indicate that things may start looking much better for the crypto market in upcoming months if this breakout proves to be valid.

Daily Chart

On daily chart analysis, Ethereum has rebounded sharply from its 200-day moving average around $1400 and climbed above its 50-day moving average at $1600. Additionally, it has recently managed to break through a large symmetrical triangle pattern located near these two averages. At present, it appears that Ethereum is attempting to breach its $1800 resistance level – if successful, this could likely push its value even higher than $2000.

However, in case a fake breakout happens then it may result in a pullback towards either of these two averages or towards its support area at $1300.

4-Hour Chart

The 4-hour timeframe gives us an even clearer picture of what’s happening with Ethereum’s price performance lately. Here too we can see that it has been facing difficulty in breaking above both its symmetrical triangle pattern and also breaching past its $1800 resistance level.

Moreover, there seems to be a bearish divergence between recent highs on RSI indicator which might suggest that some kind of correction could take place soon.

Factors Affecting Price Movement

It appears that US investors are slowly but surely stepping up their purchases of Ethereum as evidenced by an increasing volume of transactions taking place within the US markets. Moreover, institutions are also beginning to show more interest in cryptocurrencies as they realize their potential benefits.

< h2 >Conclusion
< p >Overall , Ethereum ’s current technical signals appear quite promising . A successful breakout above $ 1800 could lead prices towards values greater than $ 2000 . On other hand , if this does not happen then we might expect some sort of pullback before any further uptrends .

CFTC Adds Circle, Paradigm Execs to New Tech Advisory Group

• The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has appointed a new Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) with members from the crypto industry, including Circle vice president of global policy Corey Then and Paradigm’s Policy Director Justin Slaughter.
• The committee will hold its first meeting on March 22nd and will include executives from IBM, Amazon, CME Group, and Cboe Global Markets.
• Commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero is sponsoring the TAC to help the CFTC better understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets.

CFTC’s New Tech Advisory Committee

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently announced the addition of key industry members to form the newly constituted Technology Advisory Committee (TAC). White House official Carole House was appointed as Chair while blockchain analysis company TRM Labs’ Ari Redboard was named Vice-Chair of this committee.

Committee Members

The TAC included various industry experts such as Ava Labs founder and CEO Emin Gün Sirer, Circle vice president of global policy Corey Then, FireBlocks co-founder and CEO Michael Shaulov, Paradigm’s Policy Director Justin Slaughter, Inca Digital CEO Adam Zarazinski and blockchain auditor Trail of Bits co-founder Dan Guid. It also featured professors from university law schools like Cornell, Washington College of Law and University of Michigan. This representation signals the agency’s push to regulate cryptocurrency markets in contrast to other regulatory watchdogs in US who have been hostile while dealing with asset class.


Commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero is sponsoring this TAC in order to help CFTC better understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets. She took office last March with an aim to update regulations regarding cryptocurrency trading platforms that deal with digital assets classified as commodities by US federal laws.

Meeting Date

The first meeting for this committee has been scheduled for March 22nd to discuss various topics such as monitoring market data analytics tools used by exchanges that trade digital assets classified as commodities under US federal laws; AI/ML techniques used by firms offering services related to commodities; assessing CFTC’s current understanding of distributed ledger technology; etc.


This consultation could potentially lead to changes in regulation which would benefit both consumers as well as businesses operating in this space by bringing clarity around certain aspects. It could also encourage innovation within this sector leading to more efficient trading practices that are compliant with applicable laws and regulations at all times

Judge OKs Voyager Deal With Binance.US, Snubs SEC

• Judge Michael Wiles has granted approval to a deal between Voyager Digital and Binance US.
• This would allow Voyager’s investors to recoup an estimated 50-73% of their holdings.
• The judge expressed frustration with the SEC and DOJ, suggesting they were casting too wide of a dragnet.

Voyager Digital Approved for Deal With Binance US

The US Bankruptcy Judge, Michael Wiles, has approved a billion dollar deal that could potentially see Voyager Digital’s investors recouping up to 73% of their holdings. This decision marks an unexpected turn in the ongoing saga between Voyager and the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Potential Liquidation Averted

The agreement between Voyager Digital and Binance US would allow creditors to recover approximately $100 million more than through liquidation alone. To receive their refunds, creditors must apply via Binance US‘ platform. Furthermore, should the courts order Voyager to return funds borrowed by Alameda Research, then $445 million will have been reserved for this purpose.

Frustration With SEC & DOJ

In making his decision on approving the sale, Judge Wiles expressed his disapproval with both the SEC and Department of Justice (DOJ) for what he believed was casting too wide of a dragnet when it came to investigations into cryptocurrency firms in recent months. Despite this sentiment, it is clear that caution is necessary in such matters given past meltdowns within the space due to frauds or other malicious activities carried out by certain entities.

Voyager Must Now Decide

Now that approval has been granted by the court, Voyager Digital must now decide whether they go through with the deal or take their chances with complete liquidation – something which could potentially be much less profitable for its investors than originally anticipated prior to this decision being made by Judge Wiles.

Regulation Still Necessary

Although some may disagree with some of the SEC’s recent decisions regarding crypto companies in general, it is clear that regulation is still needed within this space in order protect against future meltdowns caused by malicious entities taking advantage of unsuspecting investors or individuals within the industry itself failing due to inadequate practices put into place at their own firms or projects.

Stacks Hits 10-Month Highs Above $1, Bitcoin Eyes $24K Again

• Stacks (STX) has surged to its 10-month high of above $1.
• Bitcoin (BTC) briefly touched $24,000 and most altcoins have turned green today.
• The US PCE data caused BTC to dip down to an 11-day low at under $22,800 during the weekend.

Stacks Surges Above $1

Stacks (STX) has recently surged by double digits and climbed to its 10-month high of above $1 for the first time since April last year.

Bitcoin Reaches Record Highs

Bitcoin (BTC) attempted to take down the all-time high of around $25,000 a few times last week but failed. After this failure, the asset fell hard following the US PCE data release for January, which pushed it to an 11-day low under $22,800 over the weekend. Nevertheless, bitcoin managed to recover some ground on Monday and climbed up to around $23,800 before dropping back down again. It then initiated another leg up later on and skyrocketed by almost a thousand dollars – reaching its new all-time high of nearly $24K in just one day.

Altcoins Follow Suit

Most altcoins have also turned green today with STX stealing the show as usual. Ethereum is also trading higher than it did a few days ago when it hit a month’s low at around $1400 before bouncing off that line yesterday afternoon and climbing towards its current value of nearly 1600 USD per coin.

Entry Metrics

The entry metrics are also indicating that bitcoin is likely to continue growing in price in the near future as both institutional investors and retail traders are pouring money into cryptocurrencies more than ever before while mainstream adoption continues gaining momentum faster than expected – especially after PayPal announced their plans for cryptocurrency services earlier this week.

Market Watch

All things considered, despite some short-term volatility here and there, it appears that cryptocurrencies are still firmly on their way upwards with several positive developments occurring this past week alone – not only concerning Bitcoin but other digital assets as well such as Stacks or Ethereum which have been performing excellently lately too.