Bitstamp will cease trading and deposits of XRP in January

XRP is in trouble following the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple.

BItstamp is the largest crypto exchange to have blocked US customers.

The third largest crypto exchange is struggling to keep up with these allegations.

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The popular exchange BItstamp has announced that it will halt XRP trading for US customers. This follows an announcement by the SEC that the regulator is pursuing a lawsuit against Ripple Labs.

Suspending trading of XRP
XRP haters continue to feast while another crypto exchange stops trading the coin. After Ripple revealed that it was facing a lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for illegal sales of securities, the XRP’s share price plummeted.

Shortly thereafter, a number of exchanges began delisting XRP or halting trading for US customers. The OSL, CrossTower and Beaxy exchanges all stopped trading XRP. The crypto Bitwise hedge fund withdrew the coin from its portfolio. They all cited the SEC lawsuit as the reason.

Bitstamp then threw in the towel and announced the end of XRP trading for its US clients. Bitstamp is the largest exchange to date to announce the news.

Following the recent SEC filing alleging that XRP is a security, we will discontinue trading and filings of XRP for all US customers from 8 January 2021. Other countries are not affected. Read more:

On their website, the company announced that it would halt all trading and filings for XRP as of January 8, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. UTC. US customers will then be able to withdraw XRP, while citizens of other countries will not be affected.

Bitstamp, which has a daily trading volume of $500 million, says it will monitor the situation and adjust accordingly.

The best headline
Ripple Labs announced that they were expecting an SEC trial the day before the official release of the information by the authorities. The authorities accuse CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen of conducting an illegal sale of securities „in progress“.

In the United States, securities must be registered with the relevant authorities, usually the SEC, in order to be publicly traded. Non-securities assets include ownership and currency. Ripple Labs emphasizes that XRP, which is designed to streamline money transfers, is a currency and not a security.

For its part, when the Fed comments on the status of a cryptoney, it generally refers to it as property. Some frustration arises with phenomena such as proof of stakes, in which small blocks of rewards could be treated as separate taxable events. Within the US Congress, there have been some efforts to try to smooth out these inconsistencies.

In the past, the U.S. government has suggested that it would not consider Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to be securities. In 2019, Larsen and Garlinghouse wrote an open letter imploring the US government to slow down regulation.

Stock prices in freefall

3 month BIstamp XRP / USD chart: TradingView
After Ripple’s announcement of the upcoming trial, the share price dropped 36% in one day. Ripple had been quiet throughout the summer when many other cryptomonnages saw their prices rise. Finally, before a very large airdrop of the Flare Network’s Spark Token airdrop, the price reached a high of $0.79. Spark tokens help to implement contracts on the XRP channel, and every XRP holder was promised an airdrop after the snapshot on December 11, 2020. Then news of the trial arrived.

Despite a short bounce around $0.27, XRP is still struggling to stay afloat above $0.30. With Bitcoin having surpassed $25,000 and gained most of the attention, it can be difficult for Cryptomony No. 3 to attract the tender love and investor attention it needs.

Bitcoin e Altcoins lutam para ganhar um momento de alta

  • O preço do bitcoin está lutando para superar o obstáculo de 18.500 dólares.
  • O Ethereum está testando a zona de suporte de USD 550, o XRP está mantendo ganhos acima de USD 0,550.
  • A XLM está negociando acima de USD 0,170.

Após uma forte onda de recuperação acima de USD 18.200, o preço do bitcoin enfrentou uma forte resistência. A BTC está lutando para limpar o nível de USD 18.500 e pode começar um novo aumento. O preço está atualmente (13:00 UTC) preso perto de USD 18.200, com um grande apoio a USD 18.000.

Além disso, a maioria dos principais altcoins está mostrando alguns sinais de baixa, incluindo etéreo, XRP, litecoin, EOS, XLM, LINK, BNB, TRX, bitcoin cash, e ADA. ETH/USD recuou da zona de USD 575 e agora está testando o suporte de USD 550. O XRP/USD ainda está se mantendo acima de USD 0,550, mas está enfrentando uma tarefa difícil perto dos níveis de USD 0,580 e USD 0,585.

Preço do bitcoin

Houve uma grande rejeição no preço do bitcoin perto da zona de resistência de 18.500 dólares. O BTC está se movendo para baixo e negociando perto de USD 18.200. O primeiro suporte chave está próximo do nível de USD 18.000. Uma quebra convincente abaixo do nível de USD 18.000 poderia abrir as portas para um declínio acentuado em direção aos níveis de USD 17.650 e USD 17.500.
Pelo lado positivo, os touros estão enfrentando uma forte barreira perto dos níveis de USD 18.450 e USD 18.500. Um fechamento acima do nível de USD 18.500 poderia abrir as portas para um aumento em direção ao nível de USD 19.000.

Preço Ethereum

O preço do etéreo recuou mais baixo da zona de resistência de 575 dólares. A ETH está negociando perto do nível de suporte de USD 550. Se os ursos ganharem força, há o risco de um declínio acentuado em direção aos níveis de suporte de USD 530 e USD 520. O próximo suporte principal fica próximo a USD 505.
Do lado positivo, o nível de 565 USD é uma barreira forte. A principal resistência ainda está próxima aos níveis de 575 e 580 dólares. Um fechamento acima do nível de USD 580 é uma necessidade para iniciar uma forte onda de alta.

Bitcoin cash, litecoin e preço XRP

O preço à vista do bitcoin está mostrando alguns sinais de baixa abaixo do nível de 265 dólares. A BCH deve permanecer acima do nível de 260 USD. Caso contrário, os ursos poderão testar o suporte de USD 230. Um suporte intermediário está próximo a USD 250. No lado positivo, USD 270 é uma zona de resistência a curto prazo.

A Litecoin (LTC) está se consolidando perto do nível de USD 75,00. Se o LTC quebrar a resistência de 76,50 USD, ele poderá tentar uma quebra superior ao nível de 78,50 USD. Por outro lado, pode haver outro teste de 72,20 dólares. O próximo grande apoio é próximo ao nível de USD 70,50.

O preço do XRP está superando e ainda está mantendo o nível de suporte de USD 0,550. Do lado positivo, há muitos obstáculos importantes, começando com USD 0,580. Se os touros ganharem força acima de USD 0,580, pode haver um empurrão acima de USD 0,585 e USD 0,592. A próxima resistência chave está próxima de USD 0,600.

Outros mercados de altcoins hoje

Nas últimas horas, alguns altcoins foram negociados na zona verde, incluindo XLM, AVAX, XEM, ADA, e LEO. Em contrapartida, ANT, VET, YFI, e RUNE estão mostrando sinais de baixa.

Resumindo, o preço do bitcoin está mostrando alguns sinais de baixa e pode começar uma nova queda abaixo dos 18.000 dólares de apoio. Por outro lado, um fechamento acima de USD 18.200 é uma necessidade para um novo aumento.

OKEx: Trade volume and Tether (USDT) stocks collapse

The OKEx trading platform had disappointed by suspending withdrawals for 5 long weeks, while Bitcoin (BTC) was in the middle of a bull run. And it seems that users do not forgive him: a mass exodus is underway.

OKEx trade volume shows user exodus

As the data aggregator Nomics shows, dollar exchange volume peaked when the exchange reopened, as customers were withdrawing $ 400 million from the platform . But since then, the volume of transactions on OKEx has collapsed and no longer reaches the levels of the months before the shutdown:

Users withdraw their stablecoins from OKEx

Another data gives us clues about this exodus of OKEx users. Tether (USDT) stocks are at their lowest. Bitcoin Millionaire usually brings together a lot of Chinese traders, and they use the USDT to protect their capital from excessive fluctuations while waiting to trade them for other cryptocurrencies.

And what we can see is that these USDT stocks have just plunged as well. This suggests that investors withdrew their capital from the platform once it reopened its services:

Other major stablecoins available OKEx, namely USDC, the DAI and the PAX , also saw their levels drop in recent days.

Will this be the beginning of the end for OKEx? It’s possible. The temporary closure of withdrawals came at a crucial time . As the prices of several cryptocurrencies exploded, traders found themselves stranded. And the compensation program offered by the platform does not seem to have been enough to retain users. It remains to be seen whether OKEx will be able to recover from this lack of confidence.

Cardano: smart contracts will be compatible with all programming languages

The Cardano project has just confirmed that it wants to open up to all programming languages, in order to attract developers not familiar with blockchain technologies. The news could set the project apart from its immediate competitors.

Cardano opens up to other environments

IOHK, the company that manages the Cardano project (ADA) , announced this opening to other languages ​​on Twitter yesterday. Two new development environments will be offered: the IELE devnet and the KEVM devnet.

The KEVM environment is a bridge between the Cardano blockchain and that of Bitcoin Union:

The ‘IELE’ devnet will be the first large scale beta test to allow non-blockchain developers to start to build smart contracts on Cardano, without the need to learn a blockchain-specific programming language!

— IOHK Media (@IOHKMedia) December 3, 2020

“Our“ KEVM ”dvnet will allow developers to deploy existing or developing Ethereum applications on Cardano. More than 140,000 smart contracts will be compatible with the Cardano blockchain. “

The project makes use of a version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine for this. The maneuver will undoubtedly allow Cardano to go grab some developers familiar with Solidity, the programming language of Ethereum.

Cardano smart contracts compatible with all programming languages

But what has been particularly noted is the second programming environment: IELE. It will allow developers to create dApps on Cardano using any programming language :

The ‘IELE’ devnet will be the first large scale beta test to allow non-blockchain developers to start to build smart contracts on Cardano, without the need to learn a blockchain-specific programming language!

— IOHK Media (@IOHKMedia) December 3, 2020

“The“ IELE ”devnet will be the first large-scale beta test that allows non- blockchain developers to start building smart contracts on Cardano, without needing to learn a blockchain-specific programming language! “

This opening of Cardano to other languages ​​could be key for the propagation of the project. There are often barriers to the adoption of blockchains that use specific programming languages. This could therefore allow Cardano to stand out from the competition , by becoming an all-in-one tool.

In any case, the development of the Cardano project seems to have accelerated in recent months. And its gradual decentralization tends to bring confidence to the ecosystem. We learned a month ago that 50% of Cardano blocks were produced in a decentralized manner .