10 Bullish Ethereum Fundamentals That Could Move ETH Prices

• Ethereum prices have been trading sideways with diminishing volume and volatility.
• Fundamentals for the asset and network are as strong as ever, with major companies such as PayPal launching products on Ethereum.
• The layer-2 ecosystem is also growing and total value locked across the ecosystem has surged 150%.

Ethereum Prices Stagnant

Ethereum prices have been in a languid state of inactivity for five months, trading sideways with volume and volatility diminishing. However, fundamentals for the asset and network are as strong as ever.

Major Companies Choosing Ethereum

On Aug. 11, crypto industry and DeFi analyst Miles Deutscher highlighted some of Ethereum’s bullish fundamentals. He said “It’s hard not to be ridiculously bullish on Ethereum” due to its popularity among major companies. Some of the world’s largest companies, such as PayPal , have chosen Ethereum to launch their products. Worldcoin is also using Ethereum and could be a major gas consumer if the digital ID project takes off.

Growing Layer-2 Ecosystem

The Ethereum layer-2 ecosystem is also growing at an accelerated pace, with networks such as Coinbase’s Base launching on L2. According to L2beat , total value locked across the ecosystem has surged 150% since the beginning of the year to an all-time high of $10.5 billion. Additionally, EIP-4844 is on the horizon which will substantially reduce gas fees on layer 2 solutions built by developers on top of ETH 1x . This could potentially spur further adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications that rely on low transaction costs for users to interact with protocols transparently over time without spending excess ETH or other cryptocurrencies .

Strong Network Security

Overall, network security is also robust; this can be seen in recent analysis from Glassnode which showed that miner revenue was up nearly 40% since April 2021 while average daily active addresses reached a new all-time high recently despite falling prices throughout 2020–2021 . Moreover, Vitalik Buterin recently stated that he expects these trends should continue even though overall market sentiment has shifted towards bearishness lately .


In conclusion, there are many positive developments surrounding Ethereum right now that should continue driving its growth over time — both in terms of usage and price appreciation — despite current market conditions